Gefjon, Giver, Bright-Gold Maid
Hail, Maiden of Self-Reliance!
Ox-driver, mother, cunning in trade 
Bringer of gifts, creator of land
Helper of people, woman and man
You who remind us
That one does not need others to exist of one’s self,
That one’s destiny is separate from all others,
That at the end of all things
We each stand alone before the reckoning.
Abundance you share with joy and mirth
Plenty you gift to all on earth
Fulfilling wants and needs and wishes
With unbound kindness, unending riches
You who console the unmarried
By reminding them that partnership
Is not the only way to live a life,
Remind us, when we feel most alone,
That being alone is not always a curse,
And that self-reliance can be a blessing.

Gefjon,  Giver, Bright-Gold Maid
Prosperous all you do make.

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